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Saving Ebony: A Nail-Biting Page Turner

It's not often that an author receives a knock-your-socks-off review, at least it's not often for this author. I at least have to share it with someone other than my wife.

A great review of Saving Ebony from Richard Devall, author of Old Letters and New Demons: Where History Meets Mystery.

James Paddock doesn’t just tell you a story about saving an eight year old’s life from a psychopath. He grabs you by the collar and pulls you in so deep that the chair you’re sitting in disappears and the walls and the floor no longer exist. The only thing that matters is turning the next page and finding out what the bad guys going to try next, and what will the US Marshals, and Rusty and Ariana do in response to keep Ebony safe.

Saving Ebony is the kind of read you want when you’re at the beach, or trapped in a cabin in a snow storm, or maybe just want an internal vacation on a Wednesday night. It’s an all-weather read. It whisks you away and makes you forget about gravity. It’s a rare find, a nail biting page turner – one you become vested in because the characters are likable.

I’d recommend this book to anyone with a heartbeat. It cast a wide net and has a broad appeal. It’s a universal story told with skill and maintains suspense. The audience can be anyone of any age and your ethnicity and sexual preference and who you voted for doesn’t matter because if you’re human you’ll like it. It does what a book should do, gives your head a break and delivers you into the world of entertainment. This guy knocked it out of the park and has a new fan.

You can read more about Saving Ebony here:

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