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Saying Goodbye to That WIP: When it’s Okay to Give Up on a Writing Project. via @annerallen

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Saying goodbye to that WIP can be bittersweet…

by Anne R. Allen

I’ve recently had discussions with several writers who have been pondering saying goodbye to that WIP they’ve been laboring at for years.

All of them wanted to move on for different reasons. All of their reasons were valid.

Unfortunately, the writers felt it was wrong to let go. They had to battle all the messages writers see daily. You know, the ones that say, “never give up”, “you can’t fail unless you quit”, “quitting is for losers”, etc.

Here’s the thing: there are times when we need to accept that a particular book is not going to work, and our energy will be better spent on something new.

Writers need to look beyond one book to the big picture of a career

If we can’t let go, we can get stuck on a dead-end project and end up…

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