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Scary Snippets Halloween Anthology

Scary Snippets: Halloween Edition

Copyright © 2019 by Suicide House Publishing

Edited by: N.M. Brown
Cover design by: Kyle Harrison

First Edition: October 2019

A delightful collection of new urban legends, thematically based around Halloween customs and history. The word length of these short stories is just right, each story is easy to read at one sitting, but unlike flash fiction collections that restrict writers to a strict one hundred words, the five hundred word limit allows the writers to use imagery to make the tales more ornate and provides scope for some rudimentary character development.

While there are some straight out murder stories, and trick or treating activities, I was pleased to note that my fellow authors had primarily concentrated on evoking the magic that is associated with Halloween. This is more than just a monster collection, it might best be described as a set of modern fairy-tales, of course more after the grim styling of the Brothers Grimm than the sugary sweet tones of illustrated children’s editions.

Outstanding tales (other than my own “All Hallows’ Eve”) include:  “Pumpkin Spice” by Joel Hunt which has an interesting take upon repentance, and “Past the Lantern” by Micah Castle which gives an excellent glimpse of a fantasy alternative. “The Cypress Queen” by Tor-Anders Ulven, represents a good example of myth creation and “A Day Late For Halloween” by Radar DeBoard, evokes a shiver from the past. “Dr. White” by Jay Levy incorporates a horrific twist, “Just in Time” By Dean M. King evokes a sense of Celtic mystery, and “A Bug in Amber Alert” By Angelique Fawns offers an interesting piece of characterisation. “Crossing the Stream” by Vonnie Winslow Crist weaves the authentic enchantment of folk-lore, and "From the Rooftop" by Brendan Wilhelm makes the most of communication technology as narrative device.  

Overall, this collection offers variety, and an awareness of the cultural clashes and mishmashes underlying our modern Halloween celebration. Although it is unrepentant horror, a few tales also reveal a sneaking sympathy for the outcast and underdog.

Holidays of the Dead by Greg Beatty

The Haunted House by Kyle Harrison

The Package by Dan McKeithan

True Halloween Experience by Mama Creep

The Pumpkins by Alanna Robertson-Webb

Just Another Friday Night by Andra Dill

Paper Mache Man by Valerie Puri

Through the Veil by Michelle River

Soul Bar by Kevin J. Kennedy

Fetid Field by N.M. Brown

Past the Lantern by Micah Castle

Dead Halloween by Thomas Sturgeon

Binge-Watch by Kyle Harrison

Classic Horror Night at the Angel by Charlotte O’Farrell

Sweet Tooth by Dan McKeithan

The Old Shoe Tree by AJ Horvath

Silent Scream by James Dorr

The Hallowed Place by Micah Castle

Rorrim by Alanna Robertson-Webb

Trick or Trepidation by Thomas Baker

Trick or Treat Street by Tor-Anders Ulven

Dig Deeper by Kim Plasket

The Victorian Mirror by Donna Cuttress

Reverend Hanson by Jay Levy

Repercussions of Destruction by Micah Castle

Looking for Hiriam Wilkes by Vonnie Winslow Crist

Once a Year by Alanna Robertson-Webb

Unusual Jack-o-Lantern by Radar DeBoard

The Corn Maze by Kyle Harrison

They Live Beneath the Stairs by Melody Grace

The Party at Laurel Valley by Eric Nirschel

Better to Eat You With by Amber M. Simpson

First Halloween by Tor-Anders Ulven

Something Happened on Cedar Lane by Matthew A. St. Cyr

Bobbing for Apples by Kyle Harrison

Tricks for Treats by N.M. Brown

A Little Skellington by P. Oxford

Reminder by Stephanie Scissom

Graveyard by Gabriella Balcom

The Cypress Queen by Tor-Anders Ulven

A Day Late For Halloween by Radar DeBoard

Wish It Be True by Michael Borge

The Candy Bandits by T.L. Barrett

Pumpkin Spice by Joel Hunt

Witch’s Dream by Amber Keener

Halloween State of Emergency by James Marie Parker III

The Halloween Shift by Scott McGregor

Festival of Skulls by Alanna Robertson-Webb

Pumpkin Carver by Tor- Anders Ulven

The Perfect Match by N.M. Brown

Freeing the Flames by CJ Carter-Stephenson

The Thing in Our House by J. Askew

Trick or Treat by Ransom Wall

Numen by Trevor Newton

Ripe & Reap by Tim Sturk

Best Costume by Aron Beauregard

Dapper John by Anthony Giordano

The Joy of a Dark Day by Terry Miller

The Souler by Matthew A. St. Cyr

Wish Upon a Paw by Tor-Anders Ulven

Justice at Last by Cindar Harrell

Lost Soul by Drew Starling

Hopping Halloween by Charlotte O’Farrell

Old Mr. Novak by Nicholas Rud

The Hanged Man’s Tree by Ronnie Engler

Every Halloween Night by Matthew A. St. Cyr

The Birdcage by Drew Starling

Halloween Hunting by Alanna Robertson-Webb

Pumpkin Patch by Kyle Harrison

Uninvited by Jillian Bost

The Costume Contest by Scott McGregor

Seams by Sheryl Normandeau

The Red Cloaks by Michelle River

A Romanian Tradition by Della Sullivan

Crack a Smile by DJ Tyrer

Night of the Seed by Matthew A. St. Cyr

The Grim Reaper Passes by Stephanie Levy

In The Attic by Amber M. Simpson

Dessert by Jay Levy

The Last Trick or Treater by Morgan Griffith

Avast Ye Matey; Here Be Spirits by Matthew A. St. Cyr

Angel With Metal Wings By Stephanie Levy

Dr. White by Jay Levy

In The Garden of Repose by Michael Fassbender

Returned by Kim Plasket

Just in Time by Dean M. King

Halloween Make Up by Mama Creep

The Plumber by Jay Levy

A Spooky Party by Olivia Arieti

Decorations by James Marie Parker III

All Hallows Eve Promise by Andra Dill

A Bug in Amber Alert by Angelique Fawns

Take Just One by Charlie Davenport

Crossing the Stream by Vonnie Winslow Crist

Down at the Calvary Tabernacle Autumn Jamboree by Anthony Giordano

The Last Hallow’s Eve by N.M. Brown

For Henry by W.H. Gilbert

All Hallow’s Eve by Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer

Grandmother Nightmare by Rick McQuiston

Fatted Squash by Vonnie Winslow Crist

From the Rooftop by Brendan Wilhelm

Ella’s Song by Scott Paul Hallam

Kieran’s Costume by Joel Hunt

My Guardian Demon by Carissa Harwood

Black Rot by Mark Jowell

The Standing Man by Corey Lamb

Haunting Immortal by Tim J. Finn

Fomorian Fun by Tim J. Finn

Monster by Kiki Gonglewski

Retribution by Dan McKeithan

Halloween Hunt by Michele Freeman

How to Tell the Scariest Halloween Story Ever by Adrian J. Johnson

Scarecrow by J.L. Knight

Gutted by Kimberly Rei

Stupid Treaty by Nerisha Kemraj

It Was Only Trick or Treating by C.L. Williams

Jack O’ Lanterns by Dan McKeithan

Pumpkins by Kim Plasket

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