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School is back in session!

Last Monday, school began for my kids. As much as I love spending time with Lexie and Jase, I am ready to return to my normal routine.

This is Lexie’s last year at the elementary school. The school recently changed how they are doing fifth grade. Each student now has two teachers. They go to one teacher (their primary teacher) for most of the day but in between recess and lunch, they go to another fifth grade teacher. In Lexie’s case the other teacher focuses on reading and English. I think this is to get them ready for next year when they will have 8 teachers in middle school.

As always, I sent Lexie with a letter to her teacher. In it I fill her teacher in on Lexie’s eczema, allergies and ADHD. We will have a special meeting with the teacher later in the year about Lexie’s health issues but I always like the teacher to have the info on Day 1. (Technically the teacher can review the notes from last year’s meeting but I like the personal touch.) Next year, there will be no note as she will have 8 teachers. I am going to hope her teachers read her health notes in her student file.

Jase began his second year of middle school (seventh grade). He was a lot less nervous than he was last year. Or at least as far as I know. I missed seeing him off this year as I was at a Tears & Cheers event at Lexie’s school. (That is what I get for being PTA president.) But my husband was home and left around the same time as Jase and reported he did fine.

Next year will be a totally different thing as they will both go to the same school again. And Jase will be there to walk his little sister to her first day of middle school. But I am jumping ahead of myself. Instead, let’s just enjoy this year. And I for one am happy to be back into my routine. After the first few weeks which are typically filled with back to school PTA events, I can get back to writing, which I have put off for all of August.

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