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Sea Breeze release date set for March 2017!

Arthur followed her and then paused briefly on the threshold, pulled her tight against him, and kissed her brow. Then his heavy step echoed down the corridor.

She watched him depart. Elleah lingered, one foot in the hallway, hand on the door, and waited. He didn’t look back. Once he had taken the turn to the stairwell, with a heavy heart, she turned back to her hotel room.

Mid-stride, she stopped, surprise making her gasp.

Across the hall, another door stood open. Just inside the doorway, a tall man with heavy brows and a stern chin stared with open curiosity. Thick hair, bed tousled, made her wonder if he’d just woken up. His forearm braced against the jamb while he raised a glass with amber liquid to his mouth. Lips upturned in a casual smirk, he sipped. Over the crystal brim, his daring gaze coldly travelled the length of her flowered silk robe in frank appraisal.

Without confirming the robe had indeed fallen open to drape loosely across her breasts, Elleah turned on her heel and closed her door with a decisive click.
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