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Season of Retribution

Good morning and welcome to wwwblogs. This month, we’re focusing on books and short stories that are thrillers and military. Edge of the seat action is going to have you panting for more from these fabulous books! Check out these intriguing stories from a stable of great authors!

Today, we’re opening the pages of Season of Retribution from the talented Shanna Nichols…


Drew warned her. He told her she was a fool to chase a child that didn’t exist. The child she sees locked within the tiny shards of memory haunts her. But Drew always had his own agenda. He thought Lilly didn’t notice the panic that surged, briefly, through his eyes when she told him details of the memories. He was wrong. His nasty verbal assaults no longer have an effect and the escalation to violence only strengthens her resolve. Getting away from Drew seems the only option to find her child.

She was warned.

About Shanna Nichols

Shanna Nichols has been writing since she figured out how to hold a pencil way back in the day; whether it be short stories, poetry, dramas, novels, or anything in between. When not writing you can find her with her nose stuck in a book, running, cooking, or just hanging out on the couch with her family and cats. As an avid lover of everything that makes her feel alive, she enjoys hiking, running marathons, biking, swimming, gambling, and laying on a beach with a cute little umbrella drink. Growing up between rural southern Kentucky and Louisville, she saw many different cultures and landscapes and fell in love with them all, weaving something that has touched her into each of her stories.

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