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Shado and the Sausage

Shado and the Sausage

“Ronne, let’s go out and do something. You’ve been working on those journals for the past three days.” Shado hopped onto the desk and pecked at a pen.

She leaned back and stretched her arms above her head. “I know, but there’s important information in these.”

“Let’s go to the park or something. It’s a beautiful day outside.”

“All right. We’ll go to the park for a couple hours. I can always bring a book to read or something.” She gave the raven a hard look. “Stay away from any shinies you might spot. Your collection is large enough.”

“All right.”

The mouth-watering aroma of sausages and onions altered Ronne’s course. She made her way through the crowd to the Sausage Stand, pulling out her wallet along the way. Shado rode on the top of her pack, greed filling his eyes.

*Don’t forget the mustard on mine,* he sent to her.
*I won’t forget. Extra mustard and no onions. Just the way you like it.* Ronne gave her order, accepting two sandwiches and a bottle of pop. She made her way to a shady spot away from the crowds near a tree and some bushes.

*Wish I had a beer with this,*

Shado hopped to the ground and waited. *Hurry up! I’m starving.*

*Didn’t anyone teach you to be a little patient?* She set the sandwich on the ground.*Enjoy, bird.*
Before Shado could take a bite, a brown streak bolted from the bushes, grabbed the sandwich, and ran across the grass. Shado gave a shrill call and took flight after the thief. The dachshund weaved through the feet of people and Shado had to climb higher to follow the scoundrel. *Ronne! He stole my sandwich! Do something!*

Ronne wiped the tears from her face from laughing. *I’m not chasing after a wiener dog that stole your sausage. I’ll buy you another one.*

The dog dashed under a car and began to growl when Shado landed. When the raven poked his head under the car, the thief snapped at him. *Why isn’t this dog on a leash? I thought dogs in this park are supposed to be leashed!*

With a shake of her head, Ronne opened the bottle and took a drink before she began to eat. *He might be a stray. Is he wearing a collar?*

Shado peeked under the car. *No collar and he does look a bit thin.* He shook his head and took to the sky. *People who don’t take care of their pets should be locked away.* He returned to Ronne and settled at her side. *Hurry up and eat, so you can buy me another sandwich. This time I want you to stand guard until I’m done eating.*

*Sir, yes, sir!* Ronne finished her sandwich. *That was good.* She returned to the cart and bought two more sandwiches and a small bag of chips. *Coming to the park was a good idea, Shado. I’m glad you suggested it. Good food and wonderful entertainment.*

*Watch it, Ronne. I may forget myself next time I fly over you.* Shado ate the sandwich as fast as he could.

She settled back against the tree and pulled out a book from her pack. *While I read you can look for shinies if you like.* Ronne glanced at the bird over the top of her book. *Try and keep out of trouble, this time.*

Shado pecked at Ronne’s shoe before taking to the sky to see what treasures he might find.

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