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‘Shadows & Lies’

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‘Shadows and Lies’
“Your limo has already left for the evening. Mr. Baggett would like to see you in his office.” I turned to see ‘Odd Job’ standing in the doorway and growling – he wasn’t smiling.
“No, we’re leaving now,” Lydia said, taking a step toward the big Chinaman. “We’ll just take a taxi if our limo isn’t available.”
‘Odd Job’ used his huge hand and stopped her mid-step. Then he put the other hand across her face, shoving her into the doorman, against the wall and then to the floor. Lydia, Zorro and his sword went down like two canaries in a coal mine.
“You can leave that bitch here, but Mr. Baggett wants to talk with you. I suggest you don’t keep him waiting.” ‘Odd Job’ took a step toward me.
“I’ve already had my conversation with Mr. Baggett, and he can make an appointment and come to my office if he has something else to say.” I was talking loud but not yelling. Maybe I should have been.
The big Chinaman reached out with his huge hand and grabbed the collar of my rented dinner jacket. Then he lifted me an inch off the floor and growled in my face. “Mr. Baggett doesn’t make appointments.”
Behind him Lydia had managed to stand up while untangling herself from Zorro, and was now looking for payback. “Perhaps he should,” Lydia scoffed, as she placed her .32 pistol just below ‘Odd Job’s’ ear and cocked it. “I’m sure anytime tomorrow would be just fine. But, have him call first.”

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