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Shopping & More Shopping

I've almost finished my Christmas shopping for 2016. However, there's always one or two more things to consider. I'm sure you feel my pain. Speaking of shopping, I'm currently shopping my next book to publishers. Book number four is Geriatric Delinquents. Here's the elevator pitch: 

Geriatric Delinquents is a rollicking, character-driven spoof about two sisters who oppose a local marijuana proposition. To their chagrin, their aging rock star brother brings his gravitas to town in support of the measure. The sisters counter with sabotage and sanctimonious resistance. (Imagine someone like Dolly Parton as the older sister, Goldie Hawn as the younger sister, and Mick Jagger as the brother.) Geriatric Delinquents is a southern contemporary with a timely plot.

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