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Sienna Matthews: Piracy

I'm reposting this post by Sienna Matthews because I think it's so important. As a reader, you may think it's a good thing to get free or cut price books from a 'pirate' site, but this is actually theft,. An author spends months, sometimes years, writing and rewriting a book they hope will give the reader a few hours of pleasure. Most authors make very little from their Royalties, but even this small amount is denied them by the pirates. You expect to be paid for your 'day job' so authors should also be paid for their hard work don't you think. Please read this post and think very carefully before being tempted to use a pirate site. (I'm in a similar position to sienna, published by a small press and I really don't want to change, or worse still stop writing altogether.

Sienna Matthews: Piracy: Piracy sucks -- I agree. Y'all know about what happened to my friend Jenna Rose Ellis . She's angry and frustrated, and worse -- ...
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