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Six reasons I didn’t get my post done for today

I even had a topic for today’s blog, but I just ran out of time to actually write it. Here are some of the reasons why…

PTA FestivalTubs of Fun

I am in the midst of organizing our biggest PTA fundraiser of the year – a four-hour long spring festival.

Employee Search

Image result for resume review

I’ve been searching through a mountain of resumes trying to weed out the horrible ones so my husband can find an new office assistant.


Related image

I’ve had a cold since last Thursday. When I am not napping, I have been doing all those other things.

PTA Budget

Image result for budget

It is the time of year for each PTA to propose a budget for next year. As treasurer, I am in charge of the one for the middle school, but then again as president (and former treasurer) for the elementary, I had a lot to do on for the elementary school PTA budget too.

Robotics Competition Volunteer

Related image

I spent all day Saturday at a Robotics competition my daughter was competing in. They needed volunteers and since I don’t seem to know how to say no….

Homework Image result for homeworkRelated image

Yep, gotta make sure the kids get that stuff done and off to violin lessons for Jase.

The A-to-Z challenge is up next month so I will have to save my intended topic for after that.

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