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Sleight of Grace and Bannock's Watch

Good morning and welcome to Friday Feelings. This month, we’re focusing on books and short stories that are thrillers and military. Edge of the seat action is going to have you panting for more from these fabulous books! Check out these intriguing stories from a stable of great authors!

Today, Stephy Smith joins us today with her intense thrillers Sleight of Grace and Bannock’s Watch…

Sleight of Grace

When two psychic Private Investigators, Chloe Gripper and Mickey Devlin, are contacted by Mickey’s cousin, the gifted Detective Jacob Devlin to help search for six missing teens that disappeared while under the watch of Sheriff Paul Leboa and the preacher Peter LaVoe, of the Church on the Hill, a demon invades the town and kills eleven women, the missing teens get pushed to the backs of everyone’s minds.

Chloe, Mickey, and Jacob have tried to ignore their special abilities until a demon jumps into their psyche dragging them on his murder spree. They fight to kick him out of their minds, but he is too powerful and they’re left energyless, tired, and hungry after his endless assaults. The demon, Gozon manipulates them, making them feel the victims torment, the pain, and fear. The group requests a recommendation from the sheriff for a priest, preacher, or anyone who can help them restore the safety of the citizens.

Every trip to the church to meet with LaVoe, Chloe hears muted cries of the teens that claim to be lost in the darkness. Unfortunately, neither Chloe nor the kids know where the darkness is. Unable to obtain the information from the preacher Peter LaVoe to banish the demon, LaVoe points them in the direction of Preacher Billy Joe McDonald who also has psychic abilities, and is brought into the team. Chloe, Mickey, Jacob, and Billy Joe call in the citizens of the town to help with the banishment of Gozon in addition to rescuing the missing teens.

Bannock’s Watch

100,000 plus citizens of Trail Town, Texas rely on Sheriff Brock Bannock to solve their problems no matter what is thrown at him. Some cases are easy, some hard, and others are out of the ordinary.

About Stephy Smith

Stephy Smith gets most of her inspiration from the weather, wildlife, and her wild imagination. When she’s not spending time with her sons and grandchildren, she likes to write, read, paint, cook, and garden.  Historical sites, museums, ghost towns (haunted or not), genealogy, reading old diaries, and walking through the oldest part of cemeteries contribute to character names and writing research. Stephy is a member of Texas High Plains Writers, Dalhart Area of Fine Arts Association, American Quarter Horse Association, and Foundation Quarter Horse Association.

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