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Smile for the camera

unnamedPart of this Sunday morning was spent trying to understand how to shot the presentation video for my Patreon page.
Basically I should do a 2/3 minutes shot, with my face and my voice, explaining my prospect patrons why they should feel like joining my Patreon thing.

I am no videomaker.
I had a hard time enough setting up my podcast (that is bound to return in 2018), imagine me playing with video, codecs, compression formats and the like.
Right now, I have two alternatives – using my webcam and my PC, or using my smartphone.

The smartphone is higher quality and easier to use (it does have a straightforward video cam thing – press REC and you’re set), and it would allow me to do a shot outside in the open.


But right now outside in the open the countryside is bleak and dreary – and the video is supposed to be upbeat.
Granted, I could get skeletal black trees and crows cawing in the background.
It would be… interesting.

shoppingThe PC+webcam thing would mean me, sitting at my writing place, with the mess of my library in the background.
A bit grainy.

Both ways, I’ll have to be fast, snappy and convincing – and yet this is not a sales pitch, it’s more like a “OK guys, here’s what I’m about to do.”
I can do that.
Of course I hate my face and my voice, but I’ll see what can be done.
One thing’s for certain: my patrons will get as their first per a nice reel of bloopers.

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