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Spin: By Genevieve Raas

Fairy tale re-tellings can be iffy sometimes.  Its taking a chance to retell a story that's been told about a billion times before, right? So I picked this book up. Rumplestiltskin this time around.

Honestly... I didn't like it. 


Holy crap this is the best thing I've read this year... no lie.  The first line of the first page got me, and I read the entire book in one day.  I absolutly cannot wait to read the second book. 

I love what she did with him, his character is dark and mysterious, true to the fairy tale and yet sexy.  I found myself rooting for him, wondering if he was good or bad.  Hoping that maybe he would give into his desires for the fair maiden and throw her down in one of those piles of hay before sitting down to spin it into gold for her. 

Raas found a way to freshen up this tale, make it believable, and take you away with just flat out fabulous writing.  If you read one book, read this one.  I just adored it. 

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