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Spirit Animals: Cats

I have a student who has a black cat attached to her.  It is her spirit animal.  So, I wanted to dive in a little deeper to understand the significance of this animal spirit.  I know that the Egyptians held the cat in high regards.  They were keepers of magic in ancient Egypt.  How do these magical creatures impact our lives today?  I did some research and found some answers.  If you happen to have a kitty cat attached to you as a spirit animal, you will be very interested in what I’ve found.  As always, crediting can be found in the reference section.

The first thing I found is who the cat is drawn to.  These animals are very wise and timeless.  They are explorers, so it stands to reason that they would be attracted to old souls and people who love adventure.  Nevertheless, the cat spirit encourages the human to have and achieve balance between independence and time with others.  The cat helps us reach calm, peaceful relationships, to observe everything going on around us, and to look at the light and the dark holistically.  This animal, like many others, is a self-discovery animal.

According to Harris (2017), cats exercise extreme patience as they wait for the right moment to take action.  They are very independent but they also like socializing when it suits them.  They are courageous and love excitement.  The cat also has a very deep connect to the self and have a capacity to heal.  They are naturally curious, so they encourage their human to look into the unconscious self.

The cat also has excellent eyesight.  They can see very well in the dark.  This speaks to a human’s ability to see even in the darkest of times.  When the cat lends their power to their attachment, the person can often see despite the whirlwind of negativity around him/her.  They are agile creatures as well so they lend their ability to land on their feet to their human counterpart.

Cats love to sleep, and that is no different with a spirit cat.  Your cat may serve as a reminder to rest.  Don’t go at something so hard that you lose yourself.  Take time to recharge.  It’s okay to sleep.  We often run about hurriedly letting necessities like sleep fall by the wayside.  This is a bad habit.  Lack of sleep impact all of the body systems, especially the immune system (Gazzaniga, Heatherton, & Halpern, 2016).  The cat will remind you to stay healthy by engaging in adequate sleep patterns.

Cats often have the reputation of being aloof.  However, cats can be very loving often climbing into your lap or landing on your face when they need you to wake up.  With this love comes healing abilities.  So, you may be a healer or you may just need your cat to feel healthy.  The cat can keep your fear of loneliness at bay because of the great love offered to you.

Magic is why the cat was held in such high regard in the ancient world.  The cat is often attached to someone who is a practicing magician.  They can help your magical awareness and even put potency behind the spells you cast.

If you have a cat in your life (real or spiritual) you have a connection to antiquity.  I am personally allergic to cats, so I’m not surprised that a cat hasn’t attached to me.  I am allergic to dogs, too, but I love the loyalty of the dog.  This is not to say that cats can’t be loyal because they can be.  They often attach to their subject for life.  They are cuddly and small whereas some dogs grow large and it’s hard to put them in your lap.  Cats never get too big to snuggle with.  Remember that as you discover your cat spirit animal.  It’s likely they will crawl in your lap when they need to relay messages or they will slap you in the face when it’s time to wake up (LOL).



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