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Spirit Animals: Elephant

How in the world can an Elephant spirit animal even fit in your front room?  If a dragon can fit into your life, an elephant can easily make its way into your world.  As always, the crediting will be at the bottom.  So, if you want to see where some of the information for this post came from, take a look at the reference section.

Elephants are beautiful animals.  These magnificent animals have a cognitive ability that amazes me.  They remember their dead.  They cry, and exhibit emotions like humans.  What does it mean when one of these animals attaches to your spirit?

When an elephant arrives in your life it is likely a reminder that you need to be mindful of self-care.  I’m not just talking about bathing and brushing your teeth.  Spiritual self-care is just as important as hygienic self-care.  The arrival of this animal may also signal that you need to help others, but our first priority should be ourselves.  The elephant is there to tell us that we have natural instincts that will take us where we need to go, and that there are parts of ourselves that require nourishment.  If you’ve isolated yourself, the arrival of this animal may tell you to find your way back to the ones who love you.

The other option is that you’ve lost focus.  Maybe you have been focusing on parts of your life instead of looking at the whole picture.  In some cases, it may mean that you have to dig into some buried, and even painful memories, and then learn to let them go; learn to heal.

Elephants are strong, robust animals.  In fact, no other land animal can match an elephant’s strength.  Better yet, the elephant knows its own strength.  It is acutely aware of how powerful it can be.  They also have an incredible memory bank.  They often bring those qualities with them when they attach to your spirit.

The other quality that elephants possess is patience.  I think I heard a collective sigh out there.  Patience isn’t something that most of us want to consider, let alone practice.  In our instant gratification world, we want everything right now!  The elephant teaches us that sometimes waiting is what we need to do to discover our true destiny or even our deeper strengths.  You need to rely on conscious processes, not speed.  Your elephant can help you with that.

Most of the time, according to the research I’ve completed for this post, a person who is highly intelligent attracts the elephant spirit.  These people feel deeply and respond to “those feelings from a place of inner knowing” (Elephant Symbolism, 2017).  Family tends to be first in your life, and you are especially mindful of the children in your life as well as the elderly.  You have compassion for those who need help, and the elephant is attracted to those who show a strong sense of loyalty in all situations.

Elephants are selfless.  They will look after each other, and provide for the weaker members of the group.  That is likely a quality you possess, but remember that the elephant is also calling you back to self.  How can you take care of you?  When this animal trumpets into your life, you have found a motherly figure.  She will look after you and bring things to your mind when you lease expect it.  She is gentle, but when the time comes that discipline is required, she will exercise it for your betterment.

As I always say, in order to connect with your animal, meditate.  Quiet yourself.  Collect tangible totems that represent your connection to the animal who has chosen you.  Reflect.  Take the time to commune with the animal because bonding is crucial.


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