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Spirit Animals: Hummingbirds

The hummingbird is one pretty little bird.  I began feeding them during the mid-summer months.  It was the first time in my life that I decided to do such a thing.  The reason was because I had a hummingbird come to the porch twice while I was sitting outside.  The creature buzzed me and then looked me straight in the eye.  I knew what it meant, so my dad taught me how to make their food.  My parents have fed them for decades.  Furthermore, when I hung the food out for them I learned that they are very feisty animals.  There was a clear hierarchy.  One dominated the others, hogging the food and bullying the others.  Because a hummingbird had never approached me before, I decided to learn more about them.  There must have been a reason why they came to me.  References are below as always.

What we’ve learned about most birds in the spirit world is that they are often messengers.  They relay important information from the Spirit to you as the recipient.  When the hummingbird pops into your life it is trying to tell you to go after your dreams, and do it with some umph.  They are telling you that those dreams can now become a reality.  You may be in a rut, but happiness is close by.  It is time to stop waiting.  The other option is that you may have lost your joy.  Perhaps the hummingbird is trying to tell you that it is time to be happy.

The hummingbird is a hopeful animal.  They are granting inspiration, renewal, and vision.  If you have a hummingbird spirit totem, you are probably someone who always seems to be easily inspired.  You area also likely to be a very loyal, playful person with a knack for persistence.

Spirit Anima Totems brings forth some excellent additional information about the characteristics of the hummingbird.  They are as follows:

ability aggression (believe it or not) ecstasy endurance happiness healing joy life love miracles rhythm

If you find that a hummingbird is buzzing into your life it may mean that it is time to actually enjoy your life.  Get out of the negative squalor and learn to love the work of daily living.  The hummingbird can easily travel long distances and fly backward.  This is something most birds cannot do.  This means that if you have a hummingbird spirit animal then you can learn to be very adaptable and resilient while learning how to gain a positive outlook during the darkest of times.

As I researched this animal, I learned some fascinating things.  I knew that this bird drinks nectar.  In fact that is the staple of their diet.  I also knew that they can cross oceans.  However, I did not know that the hummingbird can cheat death by “going into a hibernation-like state called a ‘torpor’ when food is scarce” (Couch, 2014).  During this hibernation, the hummingbird metabolizes her food slower.  This ability goes far beyond survival.  Therefore, what the hummingbird spirit animal is telling you is that there is more to life than just surviving.  Drink in the sweetness at every opportunity!  Abundance and joy is the key cornerstones of understanding this tiny little spirit animal.  That means that those should be your themes as well.  Enjoy life!  Embrace it!  Live it!

I think blogging about the happy little hummingbird is very appropriate for Christmas Eve.  It reminds us that it is a time to feel the love of our family and self-love.  Regroup.  Take the time to smell the flowers, even if it is Poinsettia.


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