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Spirit Animals: Whales

I have never seen a whale in the wild, although I would love to.  I have watched nature shows about them.  I think they are beautiful, gentle animals.  They were nearly obliterated off the planet because of their physical properties.  Why we think we have the right to destroy just because we “need” something, I will never understand.  However, thanks to activists and wildlife groups, they have been able to come back from the brink.

Let’s dive into the realities of the whale in the wild first (no pun intended).  According to Couch (2015), it is important to note that there are two suborders of whales.  There are toothed whales and baleen whales (Couch, 2015).  There are 26 types of toothed whales, which includes the killer whale (Couch, 2015).  Baleen whales include the humpback and gray whale (Couch, 2015).  So, the first thing you have to do is figure out whether you have a baleen whale or a toothed whale.  All of the whales have similar symbolism in the realm of the spirit, but there are subtle differences that have to be understood in order to bond with you particular whale.

Also according to Couch (2015), the “paleontological records and molecular data indicate that all whales lived on land and migrated into the sea over 50 million years ago.”  The whale is a mammal like us, which means it breathes air and has hair on its body.  It gives live birth to young as well.  Couch (2015) states that the “whale evolved spindle cells in her brain as long as 15 million years before us. These cells relate to self-awareness, compassion, and linguistic expression. As a warm-blooded animal living in cold oceans, whale relies on a thick layer of blubber as insulation. Legends say that whale spirit animal carries the history of the world, remembering back to the time when she was on land.”  Fascinating stuff, huh?

There’s more…

According to various sources, the whale is has a sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, especially the one produced by the earth.  The field acts as a map for migration.  This means that the whale can help you navigate through the perils of life.  You can find your way back to balance.  You can use the whale as a compass for the soul.  In fact, you may not be able to explain how you know you are being pulled toward a certain destiny, but it could be possible that there is a whale guiding you.

Those of us who truly believe in the law of attraction never have to think about where to go.  They know they are supposed to head in that direction.  The whale helps us stay in the flow of things.  She gets there when she needs to and it happens in perfect time.  This also speaks to the whale in the wild.  The animal can follow the coastlines, but sometimes the field runs right up onto the land, which is why you will see beached whales at those points (Couch, 2015).  Thus, if you feel like you have followed the map and now you’re on land, stuck with no way to get back out to sea, wait.  The tide is coming.  On the other hand, it may be time to let go of what drew you to the shore.  Either way you are in the capable hands of destiny.  Remember, before you can reincarnate/resurrect, you have to die.  I’m not saying you will die physically, but there may be parts of yourself you must die to.  You must let the past die at times.  you must let your selfish desires die at times.  These are all signs that a whale has entered the picture.

The whale is as old as time itself.  Therefore, the whale spirit is the record keeper of the earth.  The whale teaches their charge about listening to the intuitive voice that speaks from deep within.  It will teach you how to understand your emotions and how those emotions impact your daily life.  They also encourage you to follow your own truth.  When the whale swims to you it may be time for you to look at who you really are.  Look at the actions you take and the emotions that drive those actions.  Look at what has brought you to this point in your existence.  How can you seek peace?  The whale tells you to maintain a connection with the true reality that surrounds your life.  The whale people are nurturing and they go after what they want.  However, they know that there is so much more to life than what is seen.  That is why they provide mystic vision passed our current existence and into the realm of the spirit.

The whale is symbolic of history and using that history to heal emotionally.  They have a strong connection to family, which then can be personified through you.  You will likely feel a strong connection to your kin and to the community in which you live.  The whale also signals that it’s time for an emotional rebirth.  They offer peace and strength.  It isn’t the ferocious strength of some of the animals we’ve discussed, but it is more calming strength.  The ability to center and balance comes with this kind of strength.  They also encourage you to use your words.  The whale doesn’t deal well with suppressed emotions.  They teach you to express yourself.  Say it!  Stop shutting your mouth and speak truth to power!  Speak truth to everyone!  Here’s why…

Whales can communicate and coordinate with other whales over thousands of miles of ocean (Harris).  Therefore, the whale wants us to communicate through truth.  Speak from the heart to bridge the distances.  Because this animal is very family oriented, much like the dolphin and many other mammals, the whale can help the human connect with loved ones on a deeper level.  Get rid of the superficial talk and start meaning what you say!

In writing this post, I realize that I have a whale in my life.  It explains the pull I have always had toward certain things.  It explains my belief in the law of attraction.  It explains why there are things that I just can’t shake.  I have a sperm whale.  A female named Raples.  She appeared to me clearly today.  So, I welcome her into my pantheon and now I will begin communicating with her.  I will meditate with her and learn more about her.  She is here to teach me.  She has been with me all along, but she wasn’t permitted to come through until today (December 23rd).  It’s time for me to start collecting totems of the whale so she can be tangibly represented among my spirit animals.

The other animal that popped through today is the ram.  I previously posted that I knew the ram spirit was a part of me due to my Zodiac sign, but today I realized I actually have a ram spirit animal.  His name is Tye.  I will need to refresh myself with the post about the ram.  And I will have to begin speaking to him regularly to learn what he has to teach.

I’m so glad you were able to be a witness to these discoveries.  They can happen to you, too.  All it takes is a little focus.  Sometimes they won’t appear immediately in your life, but gradually as your start piecing things together.  How is it possible to have a dire wolf, a dragon, a raven, a whale (sea animal), and a ram?  Because with the Spirit ALL things are truly possible.  Take comfort in that!  That means there is a higher power guiding you through your journey!  You are special!  You matter!  You are divinely created for the benefit of the universe and everyone in it!



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