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Happy New Year!!! This is my first post of the new year, I wish you all health and happiness in 2017!

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Before publication, I had the privilege of reading three different stories in  The Writer’s Apprentice.  Wow! Dennis brought us all another great time-travel book. Excited to spotlight his new book on my blog today. Congratulations! Dennis Higgins.

-Virginia Wright

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About Dennis Higgins 

Distant relative of Davy Crockett…World traveler.
As a native of Chicago, Illinois, I have always possessed a romance with things of the past that are gone but not forgotten. I now live in the suburbs with my lovely wife, our dog and a couple of birds.

The Writer’s Apprentice is the 8th published book of  Author Dennis Higgins.

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“Suddenly she felt something like a beckoning to the inner pantry door within the den. It was as if it called to her.”

Indie author Maren Brown is overjoyed when she receives a letter from her literary idol inviting her to meet with him to discuss a collaboration. Jack R. Croft has made millions from his time-travel novels and Maren is amazed at how realistic his books are. However, the truth is stranger than fiction, and there is a LOT more to Jack’s proposition than it initially seems.

Who is Jack Croft and what is his connection to Maren?

Why is his housekeeper so frosty towards her?

Can Maren set aside her skepticism about what she is being asked to do, lay ghosts to rest, and find a resolution to a love story that spans generations?

The writer’s apprentice is a classy, genre-busting time-travel story with an element of mystery which invites the reader to question whether true love ever really fades.

BUY HERE!! eBook or Paperback, The Writer’s Apprentice

Post by Virginia Wright, Author 1/13/17 


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