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St. Valentine’s Day Self-Present

Is there anything sadder than buying ourselves presents on St. Valentine’s Day?
Probably not, but what the heck, I’m living a solitary existence in the hills of Astigianistan, I’m just a poor boy, nobody loves me… might as well put down a few bucks and give myself a present.
After all, St. Valentine’s Day is the sort of celebration that can really get you depressed, with all your friends that post pictures of their significant others and offer compassionate support to you, usually with the effect of making you feel even more sad and lonely.

downloadSo I decided to throw myself a party, with chocolate and a good book – and the good book is the paperback edition of Emily Hahn’s No Hurry to Get Home, Hahn’s memoir of her adventures between Africa and China, that was published originally in 1970.
Amazon still carries the 2000 Seal Press edition – and now there’s also a new ebook version available via Open Road Media.

It’s a fitting choice, I think, for a self-Valentine: I love Emily Hahn, her style and her attitude and her adventures, and this memoir will be a fine addition to my collection.
I’ll take a day off, curl up under a blanket, eat chocolate and read about this wonderful woman.
It will be great.

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