Granted, I only saw about half an hour of it (is being released in ten 10-minutes webisodes), but the set-up is quite good: set in 1938, it features the first activation of the Stargate, Nazis, the Goa’uld as sinister as ever, and a good heroine.

Production values are quite good for such a small-scale project, and with the exception of a pair of long shots that look as fake as pantomime backgrounds, the whole thing looks like they made the most with what they had in terms of funds.
Hopefully they also put down a few bucks on the screenwriting side of the project.


All in all, this looks like a fun way to spend a few minutes once in a while –
and sure it would be great should it signal a return of the franchise. Now I’m really curious to see how things will develop (even if, given the set-up, at least some developments are predictable).

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