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Status: A Wished-For Love

Writers Envy

Thank you so much for reading along and supporting my effort. This novel is thirty years in the making and has been a journey of remembrance, blood, sweat, and tears. Most of the characters are based on real people. Tom’s and Sam’s Susanna was my girlfriend when I was stationed in Spain; yes, she died. Aida was a girlfriend in the Philippines. Lek was an acquaintance in Thailand. Sasi, Sam, Frank, and Marie are fictitious.

The specific events in the story are loosely based upon my observations of things that occurred around me overseas. I didn’t tidy things up to make the story presentable for the era in which we find ourselves living. I don’t do trigger warnings. Truth is truth and can’t be shaded for the sake of feelings, sales or acceptance. I’d rather shelve the story than revise it for the sake of an agent’s or publisher’s concerns.

I’ve scheduled five more…

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