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Steampunk Alice Coloring Book Release

New Release! Steampunk Alice Coloring Book available for only $5.95 on Amazon,  inspired by Steampunk Alice Novella by Dennis Higgins.


Coloring is a great way for adults to relax and de-stress while having fun! This coloring book is a companion to the novella Steampunk Alice written by Dennis Higgins. Colorists will enjoy the unique illustrations created by Virginia Wright to depict the characters in Higgins’ fun Wild West and pseudo- Victorian fantasy.

* Coloring- is an excellent way to de-stress yourself!
* 8 x10single-sided non-perforated pages
*  Draw your own Steampunk images
* Flowers, butterflies, fantasy, and Steampunk designs
* Combine the coloring book with the novella to make a great gift for coloring andSteampunk enthusiasts

“Color Away Stress through Creativity!”

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