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Storm watch and the useless Internet

For the first time ever, we were directly affected by the power of nature—family members were in the direct path of Hurricane Willa.

Between Mexico to Canada phone calls,  and obsessed with “needing to know,” I scoured the Internet for information becoming more and more frustrated with each passing minute. I read over and over again about the strength of the hurricane and the expected fury as it hit land.

Storm surge accompanied by “large and destructive waves” are forecast along portions of Mexico’s central and southwestern coast. Rainfall ranging from 6 to 12 inches could spawn life-threatening landslides and flash flooding in portions of the Mexican states of Jalisco, Nayarit and Sinaloa.

But as the storm approached the coast Tuesday, I could find no pertinent and timely information.

Isn’t the Internet supposed to be “all-knowing?”

Apparently not. I searched every weather site I could find, read (without understanding) the technical information on various government hurricane centers, studied the Accuweather Interactive Map, but none of those gave me what I needed. Many posts were “10 hours ago, 14 hours ago, a day ago.”

“Arrrgh! What’s happening now?”

Facebook was somewhat more helpful with locals posting pictures and videos. Posts by El Sol de Nayarit also helped, but none of these were at the same location as our family.

Fortunately, cell phone service was not lost and we were able to remain in contact throughout the days of the storm.

And even better, the storm did not cause any damage or flooding in our area.

The biggest “take away” from this experience?

I will never again read or watch news of natural disasters without feeling deep and sincere empathy with all those facing such situations.


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