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Summer break when you are PTA president

Volunteering at my kids’ school keeps me busy during the school year. With summer here, you think I would get a break from the PTA. And you would be wrong.

As president of the PTA, the work doesn’t stop when the school year does. School ends at the beginning of June, and it is never too early to start planning for the next school year. In fact, I met with the school principal three weeks ago to plan out the beginning of the school year activities.

But before I can really focus on next school year, I had to wrap up this year. That means for one PTA, I had to get files uploaded onto our Google Drive so committee chairs can access those files next year. I won’t be back to this PTA so most of my work ended there.

For the PTA at the middle school, I had even more to do. I was Treasurer last school year so there was checks and financial records to get in order for the financial reconciliation committee and there was also closing out the books for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

Now that I have last school year all taken care of, I am down to one PTA job – PTA president at the middle school. It is 6 weeks until school starts, and there is much to do.

The biggest chore is preparing for our silent auction, which happens in September at our first PTA meeting. Usually, this would mostly be handled by our 2nd vice president, but we don’t one. That means that the board – or at least the other officers – needs to pull together and solicit donations.

I am not one ask for donations in person, but I have no problem contacting places online. The hard thing is that every company is different. Some want at least 90 days’ notice while others won’t consider anything more than 30 days out. Some have forms to fill out or require a letter while others you merely email your request. Some get back to you to pick up a donation while others might just mail something to the school. And most – since they receive so many requests – do not respond at all.

I have contacted about 25 places so far and have heard back and received donations for 6 of them. I picked up 2 donations last week. And there will be more places to contact this week.

There will also be files and flyers to update – especially those that go out in the Welcome packet. And I need to touch base with committees that need to be working on projects that will happen at the beginning of the year such as 8th grade t-shirt sales.

So, all this means that even though school has been out for four weeks, I haven’t had a break from PTA work. And while there will be days, I don’t have to do anything, I will have PTA projects to keep me busy through the middle of August. And then there will be back to school activities and the start of school. Then the PTA will continue to keep me busy for the rest of the school year.

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