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#SundaySnippets, #WeekendWarriors, 'Dancing With Fate' - "You're safe now, Cora..."

Hello fellow  Snippeteers and readers.  Welcome to my Weekend Warriors post. I'm continuing  with another snippet from my fantasy novella, Dancing With Fate. Thank you to everyone who's been following my snippets so far.

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Having fulfilled the mission set by Apollo, Terpsichore the muse of dance is preparing to return to Olympus when she meets the mysterious Myrddin. Unaware of her goddess status, he invites her to share a meal with him and falls asleep by the campfire. She is lured towards a host of glimmering, evil red lights, and although she senses the danger, she is now without her powers and has no means of resisting them.  This is a few passages on from last week's snippet 

Myrddin has saved Terpsichore and carried her back to safety.

SNIPPET (as usual, some creative punctuation to comply with 10 sentence rule and may differ slightly from published version)

"You're safe now, Cora, I won't let anything happen to you."

He mistook her longing, her desire, for fear, could he not feel the beating of her heart, or did he put that down to fright as well? She took a deep breath, she was a goddess, she would not be seen to be weak and frail, like a mortal woman. 

She drew back from him a little, and gazed up into his eyes. "I know, and I thank you from..."

The words stuck in her throat as she once again lost herself in his eyes. His face wore such a gentle expression, so much concern in his eyes, his lips were so close to hers.

"From what, Cora? Did you know they were the Ellylldan - do you realize how much danger you were in?" He brushed the hair from her face with the back of his hand.

(Note - the Elliyldan are pronounced 'Elch-chilch-dan' as near as I can get to the Welsh!)


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When Terpsichore, the Muse of Dance, is assigned to revisit the land of Wales, her task seems simple enough. She is unaware there is a hidden agenda. Before she can return to Olympus her path crosses that of the mysterious Myrddin, and her heart is lost. But Myrddin is promised to another. His mind is set on the dangerous task that lies before him, and the woman he has sworn to save. Nevertheless, he cannot deny the growing attraction between him and the beautiful stranger he meets along the way. 
 Terpsichore and Myrddin face a deadly force that threatens to part them forever. Is she destined to lose the only man she has ever truly loved? Is there nothing she can do to save him? Finally, when all seems lost, in desperation she finds herself DANCING WITH FATE. 

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