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Sunny days ahead!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Winter’s grasp has let go at last. The sun has come back, warming the ground. Melting the last icy patches of dirty snow.

And Muse the Purrbot is thrilled!


I spent a good amount of time cleaning. Not a ton, mind you. But the weather’s nice enough now that we want to use our grill. After the winter we had, a good cleaning was in order!

Last weekend, I was at Emerald City Comic Con with my family. One day, I’d love to have table space in their Writer’s Block section! I’m working toward that, one sale at a time. For now, though, I’m diving back into one of my books. Tonight, I’ll either be working on ‘Guarding Connor’ (book 4 of the Waystation Guardians series) or ‘Eynhallows’. The latter is something totally new and different than what I’ve written before.

I’m sitting at my laptop, happy that my leg is healing. I did 20 minutes on the bike today and survived. Goal is to try for 25 tomorrow. The last thing I want to do is pull a muscle – again!

It’s time, though, to close my eyes and dive into a world of my own creation. If you want an idea of where my mind can go, check out my books on the other pages!


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