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America, a land of prosperity, wealth, and hope, but that’s a fresh coat of paint on a system riddled with corruption, exploitation, and the disillusioned. Real American Horror exposes what lies under the facade: crib-side murder suicide, fear of zika virus, torture in the name of Jesus, Islamic terror, cannibalism, racism, and so much more.This accursed ancient tome contains tales of sinister mutations, carnal perversions, harrowing afflictions, insatiable blood lust, and absolute terror. When unearthed from the ruins of the ancient city of R’lyeh, a bizarre and sinister fate fell upon the excavators. The laborers reported excruciating migraines, bleeding from various orifices, and suffered from demonic hallucinations. The foremen reported visions of hell on Earth and spoke of direct contact with demonic entities. Investigators tried to make contact with those afflicted to verify the claims, but with each attempt came a horrible fate. One poor soul went as far as to put a bullet in his head the moment a journalist began an interview. The journalist, after relaying the chilling episode, stabbed his own eyes out with his fingers. Another laborer was contacted for an interview, but halfway through he ate his own tongue. Afflicted with madness, the man bashed the reporter’s skull in with the digital recorder before authorities could respond.

Book of Horrors III contains dark fiction and chilling horror for those that can handle it. The short stories contained within this anthology are a blend of crime thriller, contemporary horror, and lovecraft inspired pieces. Beware, reading these stories might cause you to go mad and suffer from irrational behaviors.
The Watcher
When holy souls get going

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