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A Dialogue on Morality

Introduction      In a tranquil field far removed from the rest of the world sat two silent souls. They were two men; one withered away by age and the other invigorated with the wonders of youth. The older man, known simply as Mentor, was not blind to the fact that he was living his last days. Thus, he had called his most valued student down to sit and speak with him in the field for one final revelation.   Meditation      They sat in silence at first, each quietly calming their own soul and allowing the other to do the same. The only sound they made was that of their breathing. A cool breeze gently kept them cool in the heat of the midday sun. The muted meditations of the two men then sudde...
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Anniversary Giveaway

9/11 Anniversary Giveaway

Welcome to the A World Without Color giveaway! Date: Sept 11 – Sept 25, 2017  On September 11 I am marking two years of launching my official website and one year of my Twitter account @BernardJanWorld!  For that occasion I've partnered with Animal Bliss blog to give two e-books of my novella A World Without Color to two lucky winners and subscribers of the Animal Bliss blog in a two-weeks giveaway contest. A World Without Color is a powerful, emotional and honest true story of the last three days I spent with my cat Marcel.  If you love animals, don't miss the opportunity to be one of two lucky winners of this heartfelt and moving novella!  I don't condition but appreciat...
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