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Your Votes and My Smiles

Don’t believe an author who tells you they don’t like their books. It’s a pure lie. If we didn’t like the books we wrote, we wouldn’t publish them and share them with you! That is the real truth. Since we already did that—wrote them, invest a bigger or smaller amount of time, money and enthusiasm to publish them and bring the final product in front of you to enjoy, love or hate it (heaven forbid the last one happens!)—we also hope and count on your support and kindness to help our books reach others and continue their life through your purchased copies, word-of-mouth recommendations, honest reviews or votes in various contests. As it was the case with my first novella A World Without Color, ...
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First Ebook, Now Paperback!

I am thrilled to announce that my paperback edition of Look for Me Under the Rainbow has been launched on May 9, 2018! You can get your copy on Amazon at the special launch price of $6.43 only during May before the price goes up. My ebook will be available for $2.99.   PAPERBACK    EBOOK   I like my ebook cover, but paperback looks even better! Don't you think so too? Mario Kožar from MKM Media did a splendid job! If you like his style and how he does my book covers, visit his website and shoot him a message. Speaking of book covers: As you know, Look for Me Under the Rainbow is competing for Cover of the month May in AllAuthor contest. Being enrolled a day later than other books, it is rank...
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Paperback: The Waiting is Over!

The long journey is over and I have reached my destination! After a long delay and lots of postponing, my novella A World Without Color is available as paperback! On September 13, 2017 it was released for publication on CreateSpace and since yesterday, September 16, 2017, it is available for purchase on Amazon as well. If you prefer a paperback over an e-book (like me), go grab your copy! You curl up in your new hideout, and the soft light of the April afternoon washes your worn-out body. You are aware of my closeness. You confirm that with a gentle sigh while my palm tenderly slides down your fur. You still like my touch, although pain is what you now mostly feel. And uncertainty—but for ho...
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