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Author Tina Frisco Interviews Author Billy Ray Chitwood

Author Billy Ray Chitwood
 AUTHORS, BOOKS, PROMOTION #AUTHOR INTERVIEW: BILLY RAY CHITWOOD JUNE 15, 2018 TINA FRISCO 93 COMMENTS .I’m delighted to help promote the relaunch of Billy Ray Chitwood‘s novel, Mama’s Madness, to be released June 21st. Billy Ray is the author of 14 books, in the genres of fiction and nonfiction memoir. Many of his novels were inspired by true events. He describes himself as a dreamer, a wanderlust, a stereotype of many in his generation, and a young man in an old man’s body who is trying to catch up with himself and find the pieces he left behind in a disconnected youth and early years of manhood.      Order HERE: Amazon UK - https://go...
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Getting personal with David Simpson

Ok I’m going to do this interview a little different that the rest and open with something David Simpson said to me about his interview….. “One of the main purposes of an author doing interviews is to reach out to new people, hopefully sell a few more books and maybe make some fans. I’m not a good salesman, it seems weird to pimp my own book but here is some information about it if you are interested. The book is free if you have KU and only three bucks on Amazon. I got the phenomenal Eric Shelman to do the narration for the audio version and it’s only $1.99. He really brings the characters to life. Paperback is available also at cost, I make nothing from it. The book was released in Februar...
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Spotlight on The Paradise Coven

I’m happy to spotlight a new release from Bentley Wells. I have written mostly nonfiction for academic and reference publishers most of my adult life. For instance, I have written articles for journals, chapters for books, entries for encyclopedias, and several books. All required research, which I enjoy doing. When I wrote The Paradise Coven, which is my first mystery, I used the pseudonym Bentley Wells, to honor my late mother. I set the story in a city that I’m somewhat familiar with (years ago, I lived there for several months). Even though I remembered certain parts of it, I researched the city to make sure what I remembered was correct. Furthermore, I researched particular characters’ ...
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Blogging from A to Z: V is for Volcano Lady

You may recall from a previous post that I’m a big fan of independent authors.  Today, I’m honored to have steampunk indie author T.E. MacArthur, author of the Volcano Lady series, as my guest.  Enjoy this delightful interview! Tell us a little bit about yourself. I’m a cat person. Yup! That’s me. My cat disagrees but I’m 100% certain I am a cat too. Cats are natural storytellers. Ever look in the eyes of a cat at 1:30 am – they’re starving to death aren’t they, just ask them. So effective are they at storytelling that you get up, go to the kitchen, and find their bowl is still … full. What’s worse is that it isn’t the first time you’ve fallen for this ruse. That’s the power of a well-crafte...
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The Kitchens of Canton, a novel. Ch. 12: Gwongzau

At my 180 kilograms it takes an effort to lift myself out of the bath, but I’ll be damned if I’m hooked up to the crane. Ingmon and the boss grab me under the arms and that does the job. Standing up, I can no longer see my penis under my belly even when erect. I can’t get hard anyway, with no place for it to expand. Previously, to check if my erectile function was normal, they would lift the bag of blubber high enough to access the penis and squeeze out a few spurts on the digital spoon. But now that it is getting all too awkward to manipulate they have a device for the purpose — a shelf to raise the blubber bag and a vibrating hose to slurp up the penis. Thankfully, they continue to handle ...
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