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How and why I write

During my recent beach vacation, I decided to go almost entirely offline, but I still wanted to keep writing.  That meant rocking it old school with paper and pen.  It felt very different writing on paper, something I seldom do anymore.  I'm typically not particularly linear in my writing; I like to cut and paste and shuffle things around, and that just doesn't work well on paper.  My handwriting is much slower than my typing, so my train of thought chugs along faster than my pen can keep up, leading to a barely legible mess with words that are often cut short or omitted entirely. Sometimes whatever is going through my brain gets a little garbled in the journey onto paper.  Consider the foll...
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Religion in Fiction

For centuries now, religious institutions across the globe have been under constant scrutiny by scientific and intellectual communities. The clash of science and religion is one that has been a huge part of the religious experience in the modern world. The way we express this and other religious aspects of our lives in fiction is quite telling of our many views on it. Our take on presenting religion is flawed, though, and a fix of these flaws could prove a greatly beneficial thing for us all.   Possibly the most well-known and extensive presentation of religion woven into fiction, besides works dedicated to actual religions and mythologies, can be found in Tolkien's Middle Earth sagas. They ...
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Reviews & The Hating Of Goodreads.

You a writer, I understand the importance of reviews. I need them, not only as a marketing tool, but as a tool for growth as a writer. Constructive criticism has been invaluable in helping me improve my craft. But here's the thing. It seems to me that book reviewing has become a bloodsport, where the objective is not to review a book in good faith. Rather, it has become an exercise in grandstanding - of unloading with the snarkiest take downs, of maligning the writer with the slickest burns possible. It's been apparent on #Goodreads for a while - (Like, what is it with these *reviewers* and gifs??) It's also an emerging trend on Netgalley - (minus the gifs). Here's the thing. I gen...
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Why It Is Important To Be Creative.

I was recently set a challenge as part of my writers' group August blog chain. The topic put to us was a question - Why is it important to be creative? At first glance, the question appears fairly easy to answer doesn't it. However, I struggled to come up with an adequate answer and, for the longest time, I couldn't figure out why. It eventually struck me that I was trying to answer the question by looking outward - as though trying to impart reasons why anyone should be creative. But, that's the wrong way to tackle it. Creativity is a very personal thing and it can take so many different forms. The relationship one has with creativity is unique. It goes then, that any consideration of its i...
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