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Taking the kids to their first concert (Imagine Dragons)

Last Thursday, my husband and I took our kids, Jase (13) and Lexie (10), to their first concert. It all came about in March when I heard Imagine Dragons was doing a second leg of their Evolve Tour and would be coming to Austin, TX.

You see, my husband and I went to see them in Houston last November. I had bought those tickets in June of 2017 when my son had just begun listening to Imagine Dragon. Ok, he really was only digging the songs because he heard me listening to them all the time. But by the time the concert came around, he was a fan too, but only my husband and I went to the concert. (You can read about that concert here.)

Shirts I made for the concert.

When we heard they would be close to us again in August, I immediately asked Jase if he wanted to go. Of course, he did. Lexie, on the other hand, likes some songs, but I wouldn’t call her a fan. She was on the fence about going. But once you buy tickets, I can’t add another one later, so I told her that she would go with us. After making sure it fit in my husband’s schedule, I bought four tickets.

Hmmm…four tickets to an outdoor concert. In August. In Texas. Oh why, didn’t I think this through! It is typically over 100 degrees here in the summer. That fact didn’t really dawn on me until the weeks leading up to the concert.

As it turned out, it was only 96 degrees when we got to the Austin 360 Amphitheater at the Circuit of Americas race track outside of Austin at 6:30 p.m. They let you bring in one bottle of water per person. You can bet we took advantage of that.

The opening act was Grace VanderWaal, a 14-year-old singer who won on the America’s Got Talent TV show in 2016. We had never heard any of her songs before the concert and enjoyed her performance. (Much better than the opening acts from the November concert.)

Now, I know some of you are already thinking that I am crazy for going to see the same band during the same tour. You would think that the show would be the same, but it wasn’t. Since November, they have released 3 other singles. But even without that, they changed up the songs they sang as well as the stage.

As you might expect, Jase loved the concert. He didn’t really like standing through the whole thing, and he did have trouble seeing at times. I ended up having him stand in front of me for a lot of the concert. Lexie stood on her seat for part of the concert but then also sat through part of it as she was tired, and I think a little bored with some of the songs she didn’t know.

It was clear she was ready to go though she did perk up for her favorite song “On Top of the World,” and she did like when they shot confetti into the crowd, though she was disappointed that it all kept falling just out of our reach.

Overall, if I had to do it over, I think only Jase and I should go to the concert, though I did promise my husband that I wouldn’t go see them again…while they are on this album’s tour. Nice clarification there. I certainly would go see them again. And I think Jase is ready to go again too.

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