Screenshot from 2018-02-28 17-46-51I am extremely happy to announce that thanks to the generosity of my Patrons, we have achieved a new goal on Patreon: 100 bucks per month.

And as I promised back when I launched my Patreon page, reaching this target means I’ll write a 12.000 story on demand for my patrons, based on their choices and preferences.

So I put up a poll on Patreon to decide, for starters, on the genre of the story: action/adventure or thriller/espionage? Fantasy or SF? Maybe a horror number?

Once this is decided – there are three days for voting – I’ll put up another poll, to determine the building blocks of the story. And then I’ll take it from there.

unnamedThe fun bit of all this is, it will actually be a nice challenge and a powerful exercise for me, and hopefully the end result will please my Patrons.

And now, on to the next target – 250 bucks and a 20.000 novella on demand.

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