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Texas Jewel by Melissa Alexia

Those of you that know me, or follow my blog, you know that I don’t often post books that I don’t care for. But this one… let’s let the review speak for itself.

First of all, I am from Texas and It really bothered me that this character is supposed to be representing us down here. We have a hard enough time with the rest of the world thinking we are all bow-legged country folk that chew straw and ride horses to work as it is, without this crap.

But let me back up a touch. When I opened this book I had high hopes, sounded like a nice chick-lit style suspense. It was disappointing when it fell flat right away. While reading this, I got lost and confused so many times. I found myself flipping back and re-reading, thinking I’d missed something. I didn’t miss anything, it was just that confusing to read. When the plot has good bones, it’s terribly frustrating to see it fall so short. My issues were with a very unlikable main character, casual drug use, unrealistic plot, and racism.

Yes, I said it, Racism. When the main character assumes that the person that is kidnapping her ( and the “kidnapping” is questionable) is Indian… that’s messed up. American Indian. I quote:

“So here were my options: A. Go with a pack of wild Indians, which I assumed they were since I was apparently being bartered with…”

NO WORDS. I was forced to close the book. This, the dope smoking, the fact that the main character is supposed to be virginal and she wants to dry hump (and actually does at one point) every man she meets is eye rolling. Not realistic.

But, don’t let me sway you, please pick it up and read it for yourself.

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