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Thanksgiving 2020

Yes, even this year, with a horrible virus going around,
 I am thankful for many wonderful things. 

I suppose we used to take life for granted. 
This year it's on the top of my list.
Being alive and being able to share
life with those we love is a gigantic blessing.

 Of course, I miss relatives and friends, but I'd rather
 know they are snug at home,
 instead of taking a chance and being exposed to dangerous germs.

Fortunately, I also have many virtual friends like you, and I imagine you're staying safe!
It's not that I'm oblivious--I'm a writer and I have a great imagination. 
I can visualize you with a mask on, while you're social distancing!

Additionally, I can think of about five thousand other things to be thankful about.
What about you?


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