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The 11th again

age_44_on_birthday_cake_postcard-r975397831ede41be84f467a9d5c2478b_vgbaq_8byvr_324For us is different.
It’s the 11th of September and everybody’s asking about where they were on that day, in 2001.
I remember very clearly – I was standing in the outlet of Comba, one of Turin’s best confectioner. I was there to buy a birthday cake for my brother.
They had a TV on, and we saw everything while it happened.
But that’s it – I was in line to buy a cake.
Because to us, September the 11th is still my brother’s birthday.

Now that you have a brother, my mother told me, you’ll never be alone anymore.

She was right.
Happy birthday, brother!

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