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The Autumn of Patreon, episode 1 – Writing on Demand

As I think I mentioned – or I should have mentioned – I’ll devote this autumn to the development and growth of my Patreon. I want more patrons, and I want happier patrons.
So I am announcing a number of new perks for those brave souls that decide to gamble a few bucks on me and my writing, and show small glimpses of things to come.
The World of Tomorrow, if you will…

For instance,

You Outline It, I Write It (a.k.a. YOIIWI)

Starting in the first week of October, on Tuesday, I will post a short paragraph on my Patreon page, accessible to all my supporters in the Five Bucks Brigade or above.
The beginning of a story. Or maybe not a text, but a picture.
All my Patrons in the five bucks brigade or above will have the opportunity of throwing ideas at me – about the character(s), the situation, and where the story is going.
In the following weekend I’ll select the most promising bits, and the guys in the 10 Bucks stalls will have the option of voting the bits they like the best.
Then we’ll do another round, and another one.
At that point I should have an outline for a story that I will deliver in the following month, exclusive for my patrons.
In this way my supporters will not only participate in the creation of a story, but will also see how a story develops from the preliminary ideas to the finished product.
And will probably drive me mad, but that’s part of the gamble.
And part of the fun.
Think about it.
We start on the 1st of October.

Fiona Memoriam
Something to get excited about!

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