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The call of (micro)adventure

And so we did it. We left early this morning and walked all the way to the next village, that’s called Incisa Scapaccino.
We avoided the main road and followed a narrow road that snakes along the Belbo river, climbing up and down the hills and entering into deep thickets of wild trees.

This was just an experiment – a short hike, a stop for breakfast, more walking, a short foraging run at the local supermarket, and then back, once again walking along back-roads and paths through the fields and vineyards. Our equipment consisted only in a 10L backpack and a bottle of cold natural water, that we later supplemented with the ingredients needed for a few sandwiches.

We had some minor problems as we came back, because we found not a single suitable spot for a stop and a bite – our plan was to stop at noon and have lunch out of our backpacks, but simply it was not possible: unless you want to sit on the ground, there’s no benches, fallen logs, rocks or dry walls.

So we came back.
Now, I’m planning a second go, following the route we already followed, but this time going by night. On a full moon autumn night we’ll probably meet foxes, owls and boars, and the ubiquitous feral cats.

I’ll be sure to take a better camera along.

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