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The case of the Belbo crocodile and other news

So, yesterday I announced I’d take five days off.
In the following 12 hours…

1 . I was hit with an urgent translation job for an important client (”I want it for yesterday”)
2 . I found out Project:GWANGI (don’t ask, it’s Top Secret) is live and I need to get some stuff ready by Monday.


3 . Learned that the local police and wildlife service are hunting along the river Belbo, looking for a runaway crocodile – which, hot on the heels of the illegal car wrecking operation that was busted two weeks back along the same river, and the bit about the guy that interrupted a service in church shouting he was from the Vatican Secret Services and was dragged away and locked up in the loon bin, means those BUSCAFUSCO stories keep writing themselves.

And really, these are not bad news at all – paid jobs, story ideas, Big Things coming…
Sort of makes me think I should take a vacation more often.
But anyway, things are back to HECTIC as usual.
And it’s a good thing.
This writing business is crazy.

And tonight we turn the clock back one hour – which will mess my already messed up circadian rhythms.
Vacation, I said. Five days off, I said…


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