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The Cathedral of Consumerism

submission by: Mack Power

The city of meaningless purpose
Standing on the backs of the unfortunate
In the heart of our machine--the epitome of our society
A palace of empty prices
The Cathedral of consumerism
Which one is your weakness?
Temptation will be the seed of your obsession
Don't be blinded by the shine of your "want"
It turns into the abyss of false "need"
Kings of old kingdoms
Now the high priests
In the church of more
The slaves are called "employees"
Chained by desire
You wil find no true quality
In the sea of mass production
Love has been replaced with pleasure
Care has been swapped for a false smile
Wellbeing for work ethic
Happiness for the pursuit
The eternal sunshine radiating contentment
Across the bluest of skies
Traded for the dank malnourishing florescent light
Racing away from death
Without slowing down to see what was really worth living for
When confined to a box ALL connection is lost
Falling into the emptiness
As a tear of broker down love
Falls gently down the cheek of Mother Nature.
Outside Ascension: Amy Proebstel
Growing Old