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The coldest days of the year

We are keeping warm and fighting with a number of technical issues hereabouts, as the coldest days of the year keep us indoors.
And not just us.

The perks of living in the country: the cold causes mice to seek refuge indoor, and as every year we had to deal with these small home invaders. This year though it’s been different – the beasties are more cunning (and avoid our baited traps) and are showing a penchant for eating through plastic bottles (thus flooding our sink with dish detergent) and more importantly, on cables.
We’ve been experiencing LAN problems, and half of the kitchen appliances are damaged.

And the crazy thing is, of course, that I am thinking this is a good premise for a short horror story – forget Lovecraft’s The Rats in the Walls and Kuttner’s The Graveyard Rats, here come the Short-Circuit Rats.
Or something.

Anyway, the struggle goes on.
I’ll let you know how it goes.

Addison Carmichael – Hunted by the Dragon
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