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The Complexities Of The Why...

Hey Everyone!! :-)

Happy Halloween!! I hope you're all having a delightfully spooky holiday. To brighten your All Hallow's Eve, I thought I'd share another peek at what Alyce is up to. Enjoy! :-)

Excerpt from sci-fi satire novel:
"Our records indicate there were some violent conflicts surrounding this incident," said Squid-boy.

I nodded. "There were. But the violence came from the government and from the corporation. The people protecting the water were largely peaceful in their tactics."

"If they weren't violent, what did they do?" asked Yax.

"Well, they formed a large camp near where the pipeline was being built and thousands of people congregated there." I pointed at the exhibit. "That's what you seem to be trying to portray here, but the people in the camp were there to protect the water and the rights of the native people. Not to destroy anything."

"So they just built temporary housing near where the pipeline was being built? Why would your government react violently to that?"

I snorted. "The government tends to react violently anytime anyone points out that what they're doing is wrong. But, no, they didn't just camp near the pipeline. They took action to try to stop construction. Some of them chained themselves to equipment so it couldn't be used. Some of them stood in groups, blocking the way of the construction. There were also marches to try to draw attention to what was going on. Also, after the corporation destroyed the tribe's ancestral burial ground, there was a prayer march."

"Your government allowed this corporation to disturb these people's dead? That's heartless!" cried Squid-boy.

"Why did the corporation object to prayer?" asked Yax.

"They objected to anything that brought attention to what they were doing," I answered. "And considering what the government has done to indigenous people in the past, does it really surprise you that it has no respect when it comes to native cemeteries?"

"But common decency…" objected Squid-boy.

"Isn't something our government concerns itself with too often," I interrupted.

He made a buzzing sound in the back of his throat but didn't reply.

"And all this is the result of the corruption you told us about?" asked Yax.

I nodded. "Probably. The Governor and both Senators of the state the native reservation is in have taken a lot of money from the oil and gas industry." I shrugged. "'One hand washes the other', as they say."

"And this happens often?" asked Squid-boy.

I sighed. "It used to happen all the time, then the laws got stricter and the protections against corporate abuse got stronger. But lately the laws have been going in the other direction again." I gestured at the exhibit, again. "What happened here with private corporate security working hand in glove with the police reminds me a lot of what the Pinkerton Gang used to get away with. These fossil fuel companies are pretty aggressive when it comes to fighting dirty to get what they want from land that belongs to other people. Heck, the fracking boys have even been after me and my land."

"After you? They're trying to take your property?" asked Yax.

"What is this 'Pinkerton Gang'?" asked Squid-boy.

"They're trying to force me to give them permission to put a pipeline under my land. I don't want to, but they're pretty persistent."

"Will they win?"

I looked at Yax and shrugged. "Dunno. I like to think I can protect what's mine, but it's hard to fight people who have billions of dollars and the government behind them. I guess it'll depend on if the people in my country are able to take back control of our government or if we fold and just let the corporations run everything."

"Which do you think will happen?"

I shrugged again. "The jury's still out. Things like this," I pointed at the exhibit that had already been shifted to better show how a group of regular citizens had joined together in peace to stand up against those who wanted to take their rights from them, "will answer that question."

I turned to Squid-boy who was looking at the exhibit with a strange expression on his face. When he realized I was looking at him, he turned his eyes to meet mine. "Your species is at an interesting crossroads. You are a complex people, capable of both astonishing selflessness and devastating selfishness. I hope, for your sake, that the better parts of your nature prevail."

I reached down to pat him on his back. "Me too, Squid-boy. Me too." I took a last look at the representation of some of my fellow citizens' stand against tyranny and turned away.


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