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The Country I Love

Each day I wake up to a fresh hell via Facebook or MSM.  This morning I learned that another statue had been vandalized via decapitation.  One of my favorite movies is on the hate list (Gone with the Wind), Paw Patrol is under attack, and The Dukes of Hazzard is in danger again.  I have never seen tensions this high in my lifetime.  I have never seen people going to these extremes.  Six city blocks decided to engage in anarchy because police abandoned their posts.  What the hell is happening?  People have lost their damn minds!

The enormous double standard is sickening as well.  I just don’t understand how we have arrived at this point.  I think we are all failing.  I don’t think it’s one person or one political party or once incident.  All of us have a duty to keep history fresh in our minds to avoid repeating the sins of the past.  By tearing down monuments, we are stamping out our history.  History is what reminds us of where we’ve been and that going backward isn’t the way to make progress.

I am hurt for what’s happened to members of the black community.  With that said, I’m saddened to see all of the uprising and discord across the entire country.  The hippies were onto something, I think.  It seems that our great nation has its priorities completely mixed up.  What is it going to take to bring us back to center?  What’s it going to take to bring back balance?  I am even afraid to see the answers to those questions.

Dark Agnes

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