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The Dark Room

It is very dark.

Unseen images hanging on dark strips of undeveloped film.

My daughter carefully puts them into a tray of developer.  Images take shape. Pictures of a newborn daughter. If something had gone wrong, we would never get that print to hang on the wall to cherish forever….

All from a dark womb.

Where first fetal movements are felt and even the sound of a thump?

The mother is every second aware that she is the center of a miracle.  Life before death.  Created by Love and its powerful attraction.  Love is very often one’s first introduction to Truth.   And… Trust.

Let the print be printed.

Let the miracle be born.

A life ahead to discover the miracles and beauty of life and… self…

Where would I be if not allowed to be printed in the Dark Room?

Stopping nature produces only blackness.

Courage is always to not quit and therefore win.

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