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The Divinity Bureau: Tessa Clare

This book was good. The best thing about it was the humanity of the characters. They were deep, flawed, and I could relate. There was none of that perfect girl meets perfect boy and they fall perfectly in love (accept for oops there is a misunderstanding). It was real, they were hurting, they made mistakes.

Living in a world that gave me anxiety just to read about-(no spoilers here!) and with death looming overhead, it was a page turner. I found myself wondering what they could possibly do… and wondering what will happen to them in book two.

“The Hunger Games meets Romeo and Juliet in this must-read new adult dystopian romance.” 

The Hunger Games is one of my top five favorites. I could really see the echos of inspiration there. There were moments when I wondered if it was a bit to much like it, but I realize that in every dystopian story this kind of thing is a centralized theme. I didn’t quite get Romeo and Juliet, but they were total opposites and from different worlds.

But all in all, it was a great read. totally worth picking up if you are a lover of this genre. You won’t be sorry.

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