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The end is nigh

I just passed the 10.000 words mark, and the halfway point in my planned outline.
The end of the story I am writing is finally in sight.
As it usually happens, now that all the pieces are on the chessboard and things should begin to finish, I need a moment to carefully plan the next moves.
What will happen, in what sequence, where.
I need to up the action.
All three major characters will have their big action scenes (one each, carefully mapped and choreographed, and one involving the whole team), the evil plot will be revealed, justice will triumph and the main bad guy will have his just desserts.
Which means roughly 8000 words… 

four major action scenes – 4 x 1000
evil plot revealed – 1000/1500 words
justice triumphs – say three short 500 words pieces
bad guy gets it – 1000 words

Throw in another 1000 words of extras, filler and details, just to be on the safe side.
I’m perfectly on schedule – I’m currently taking a pause before dinner, and as soon as this post is up, I’ll have a cold drink and start mapping and planning.

livres-les-chroniques-des-crepusculaires-310Because the end is nigh, I have also set myself a big final prize – I’m going to gift myself with time enough to read Mathieu Gaborit’s Les Chroniques des Crepusculaires.
I had read the first volume many years ago, but my French was really shaky back then.
What could be better?
. A good job done.
. A new, highly recommended and unusual fantasy book.
. A chance to improve my French, and recharge my batteries.

The book is on my nightstand right now.
Now on for the final push – three days, and the manuscript will be on its way.

In other news, looks like I placed another pitch for the same project… but this one has a deadline of October 1st.
It will be almost leisurely.

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