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The family needs to improve their bowling skills

It seemed like a good idea at the time. I bought bowling passes that allow the kids and I to play up to 3 games a day (with shoe rentals) for a low summer special price.

I knew we wouldn’t be going daily but thought once a week or even every other week would work for us, and we would still get our money’s worth out of the passes.

What I forgot is that none of us are good at bowling! Me especially.

The kids get to use bumpers on their lanes, but I don’t. So, my ball went into the gutter a lot the first day.

I think my problem was that I was concentrating on too many things – not crossing the foul line, releasing the ball correctly, posture, other people watching/judging me. Ugh. It didn’t go well that first trip.

I vowed to do better on our next trip. I decided to watch a few YouTube videos for beginners. It took awhile to find one that covered what I wanted to know in ways that were easy to apply. I finally found this one.

Still it is a lot of things to remember, and I couldn’t really practice at home. But I think the video did help. On our next outing, I did great in the first frame but alas it didn’t last. There were a few good frames followed by gutter balls.

But I didn’t let it get to me. And on the next game, I did much better. And I can only hope that with more practice (and watching a few more videos) that I get better and better.

Now to get the kids onboard with improving their game. Jase wants to as he has seen several other schoolmates at the bowling alley. They all bowl better than he does. The same thing happened at his twelfth birthday party. We went to play bowling and laser tag with some of his friends. They all played better than he did. But they didn’t make fun of him. Instead they tried to give him tips on how to improve. With some more practice (and a few videos) he will surely get better too.

But it is Lexie who needs the most help. She has the habit of walking up to the foul line and then swinging the ball back and forth a few times before tossing it down the lane. If it weren’t for those bumpers, she would have only gutter balls. On one of our last visits, I did suggest she not swing the ball back and forth so much and she did get a few good releases.

OK that settles it. We are all watching the video a couple times before we go again. And hopefully by the end of the summer, we will all have improved our game.

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