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The Haunted Places I've Visited ~ Virtual #Ghost Tour #Halloween #Paranormal

This is the cover of my individual story
in the Love Under Fire Box Set - you can
get it exclusively in the set on 11/13!
My 6th novel, a spooky ghost mystery mixed with romance, releases in just two weeks!  You can read more about The Haunting of Hillwood Farm in this post; it's part of a fabulous Limited Edition Box Set available for just 99 cents on Pre-order!  This is my 4th novel involving ghosts, and as a fan of all things spooky, Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year.  I love checking out haunted locations, and many of the places I've visited have inspired story ideas.  So today's post is a virtual tour of some of the locations I've visited and written about.

I took this photo of the Old
Jail House - what's in the top
window?  Building was
closed and locked!

My novel Haunted Souls was inspired by a ghost tour that ended with a stop at Barnstable Village's Old Jail House - the oldest wooden jail in the entire country, built circa 1690.  You can find more on the structure's haunted history here.

A book signing for that book led to an invitation to tour other very old and reportedly haunted buildings in Barnstable Village, and this post details that amazing private tour!

A trip to NYC last winter brought me to The Dakota, an apartment building near Central Park with a creepy history and a Gothic design so mysterious the building was used in the movie Rosemary's Baby.  More on that here.

The Dakota has quite a history, and this is
where John Lennon was killed

While in Paris, I took a tour of the Catacombs.  If you don't know that story, it's incredibly fascinating (although dark).  History and pics of the tunnels of remains inside the Catacombs here.

One small shot of all the skeletons below the city of Paris...

Tied with the Catacombs for creepiest place was my (not exactly legal) self-tour of the abandoned Glenn Dale TB Sanatorium.  I've gotten more emails about this excursion than any other blog post!  

The abandoned Glenn Dale Tuberculosis
Isolation Hospital and Santatorium in Maryland

What's the spookiest place you've ever visited?  Please comment below!

And if you like ghost stories that are eerie without being gory, with some steamy romance to counteract the chills up your spine, check out my books!  'Tis the season for haunted reading!
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