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The journey to becoming a champion equestrian. How you can reach your goals?

My parents who inspired us to always do our best.

What if riding horses was your big dream? Not only that, but your goal is become a champion equestrian. Finally, after years of practice it’s the day before your first show; A big event. You toss and turn all night wondering what will happen on the big day. When your alarm goes off you bounce out of bed and rush to check on your pony. He needs to be perfect in every way. When you get to the barn, you check the neat little braids on the pony’s neck. One of them came untied so you fix it.

Sweetbrier from “My Life at Sweetbrier”

After you wrap your pony’s legs to protect them on the short trip to the horse show, you take a deep breath, still wondering how the day will end. Will you become a champion for the first time today?

All of the riders enter the ring for your first class. You try hard to keep your trembling legs still and press your heels down. The ringmaster calls out “All trot” after everyone has entered the ring. Right in front of the judge, your pony breaks into a canter, instead of trotting. Soon, the winners are chosen and you’re not one of them. What happens next?

Holly Humphrys and Goldie from “My Life at Sweetbrier”

In your last class, your usually unflappable pony shies and you fall off in front of everyone. But, you try to remember mistakes help you learn how to succeed the next time. Did your dad say,”Falling off helps you learn how to stay on next time.” Remember, before we win, we begin learning many things. There is a journey to success. Keep working toward your goals so that you may become a champion equestrian because perseverance is a key to success.

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